Volunteer Stories

50th Anniversary Recognition Coin

Shannon Blakeley

Nominated by the Support Committee, Ms. Blakeley is a well-organized person and during the four-plus years as Chair of our Support Committee, she ran the committee in an efficient manner and had a group of loyal, mostly long-term volunteers who worked well together under her leadership. Her dealings with the Corps Commanding Officer were always civil and constructive which enables both the corps and volunteer personnel to function in a positive manner.

Ms. Blakeley volunteered for 10 plus years with the Support Committee and still maintains a connection with the Corps through an annual award set up in memory of her mother, also a past volunteer, for the cadet who raises the most funds which she presents at our Annual Ceremonial Review ceremony in June of each year.

Ms. Blakeley has been a valuable asset to the 557 Lorne Scots Army Cadet Corps and is most deserving of the 50th Anniversary Volunteer Recognition Coin for exceptional service.

The 557 RCACC Support Committee
Brampton, 2021

10 Years of Volunteer Service Recognition Thomas Anthony Smith

I joined the 557 RCACC Support Committee on May 4, 2010. During my first two years or so I assisted with various fundraising activities.

From 2013 until 2017, I served as an ordinary member attending most of the cadets' field exercises, fundraising activities, mess dinners, and annual parades. I helped with our storage unit maintenance and generally made a nuisance of myself.

In the fall of 2017, I was voted into the role of Vice-Chair and have continued in that role until the present.

In April 2021, I was awarded my 10 Year Volunteer Service Pin. It has been my privilege and pleasure to serve 557 for all these years and to see two of my grandsons thrive in the Corps. One grandson retired as a Master Warrant Officer, and the other as a Sergeant from the 557 Army Cadet Corps.

Tony Smith, Vice Chair

557 RCACC Support Committee